The #1 System that leads you from

expecting the best life, to experiencing it.

The Decade Planner™ is not just a planner. It’s a system that leads you from expecting the best life to experiencing it. Life is full of wins; and some losses. Life is changing at lightning speed.


What you write; is ultimately what you’ll receive.


The number 10 is the symbol of authority, obedience, and completeness. What if your life commanded all these things?


Start planning for the life you deserve. Stop playing small and looking at your life in months; it’s time to map out your DECADE!

February 2020

The Decade Planner® 

is a dateless calendar

& journal that allows you to:


· Start where you are.

· Document your goals for a 10-year period.

· Track your progress across 9 categories.

· Support you with a virtual accountability Facebook group.

· Change your mindset from wavering to wining.

· Force you to execute.

In 10 years; my life transitioned 6 times. I lost more than I won. I gave birth to my son, I got married, I got divorced, I changed careers, I lost my mom, and got married again. All in a decade! Time was flying by and I had to either keep up or get lost in the shuffle. I always kept journals, but it was separate from my calendar. As I reflected on the past years, there were lessons that I missed. I missed them because I didn’t have a system to help me capture and correct my behaviors. There were also opportunities I didn’t leverage.


This is my gift to myself and to the world. God whispered to me and said, “take one step and I will direct your path.” The Decade planner ™ is creating an action plan, holding us accountable, and helping to guide us into the coming years.


Do you have major life changes happening in the next 10 years? Are you planning a wedding? Birth of a child? Retirement? Every life event requires a strategy and focused planning. Use this planner and it’ll make your life so much easier.


Join me in this journey. Here’s to 2030! Living our best life with expectation to experience.


Ingrid Lavon